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The Sayre Fire Department is comprised of 3 individual stations

  • Howard Elmer Hose Company #4, the oldest of the three, chartered in 1897, joined 3 other companies, E.P. Wilbur Hook & Ladder Co. #1, Robert A. Packer Hose Co. #2, and the Robert H. Sayre Co. #3.
  • J. E. Wheelock Hose Company #5 was chartered in 1898
  • Engine Company #1 was formed in 1926 after the dissolve of the first three companies.  In 1915 the department and the city fathers started a heated dispute over funds requested for the two outside companies.  Chief Harry Zeller called a department meeting and dissolved the Wilbur, Packer, and Sayre companies.
Chief Albert Frank

The Sayre Fire Department had many chiefs but the man who served the longest was Albert Frank who had joined the department in 1927.  He was named assistant chief in 1935 and chief in 1937 and re-elected numerous times to the top leadership.  He retired after 30 years as chief or assistant chief, a career which saw him putting his life on the line in many a battle to tame disastrous fires in the borough.

Chief Frank had been identified with the Wheelock Hose Company.  Two other chiefs with long tenures were Donald Saxe from Howard Elmer Hose. Co. #4 and Elwood Schrader from Engine Company #1.

By 1916 a paid driver for the fire truck stationed at the Bourough Hall was hired.  This tax-supported position was filled by a series of drivers.  Then in 1941 Herman Nobles was appointed, holding the post for 35 years until his retirement.



The following serve as the leaders of the Sayre Fire Department


  • Chief Gilbert Crossett

  • 1st Asst. Chief Robert Repasky

  • Captain Thomas McCutcheon II

  • Captain Tracy Stroup

  • 1st Lieut Blane Lathrop

  • 1st Lieut Craig McCutcheon

  • 1st Lieut John McCarthy

  • 2nd Lieut Tom Yonkin

  • 2nd Lieut Jason Phillip

  • 2nd Lieut Marshall Felt